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A few of the wonderful messages we've received from mare and foal owners:


"The perfect horse!  How many first-time breeders can claim they bred the perfect horse?  Well, if the foal is sired by SBR Formula One, the odds are in your favor.  My husband and I had one mare, a beautiful buckskin that we thought worthy of breeding.  We knew with this older mare we likely had one chance to get it right, and spent weeks searching the internet, looking through magazines, on a quest for the perfect stallion.  We finally found the ABRA website, and while browsing through some pictures, found a four year old stud that won the all-around reserve champion title.  We sat back and thought for a moment, and realized this stud had an incredibly sound mind to pull off such a feat at a world championship show as a four year old stud!  Not only did his confirmation complement our mare's build, but he was dunskin to boot!  We took a chance and used our one opportunity to breed our mare to SBR Formula One.  We saw him in action the next year at the ABRA World, and could not wait for the foal to hit the ground!  This amazing stallion stood in the shedrow, surrounded by mares, dropped his head, and let us hug him for some personal photos!  The next spring, our ultimate wish was granted, and our mare foaled a stunning dunskin filly.  From day one, this filly showed us she inherited her sire's personality.  She would nap in our laps, and preferred the company of humans over horses.  She's been a breeze to train, and wants nothing more than to please her people friends.  She's a quick learner, and always gives a good ride.  This two year old filly has given pony rides and been ridden in an open pasture by a beginning rider.  I have complete confidence that she will take care of any rider.  She could easily compete in open events given the training, but I'm just as happy having her as our weekend trail horse!  She's never failed to charm a stranger, and we've had numerous offers to purchase her, but she has her forever home with us.  If you want to breed the perfect horse, start by breeding to the perfect stud, SBR Formula One.  The odds are already in your favor! Thank you Sun Colors Ranch and SBR Formula One!"

~ Robin Rocconi, Texas


"I have a coming 2 year old filly out of SBR Formula One.  Her name is "Dialled In" or Dani as we call her.  I have been in the horse business as far as training showing and breeding for over 20 years.  Let me tell you her disposition is outstanding!  I cannot ask for a better temperament in a young horse.  She is quiet and willing.  I have not started her under saddle yet, but when I do I don't think she will give me much of a fuss.  her conformation is spot on also.  I just love my SBR Formula One filly.  I got just what I wanted when I crossed my mare to him.  DISPOSTITION, CONFORMATION AND COLOR!"

~ Beth from Iowa



“Sun Colors Ranch I must tell you, raising my 2010 Buckwheat baby, Buckwheat's Golden Girl, aka "Ayla" has been a total pleasure. She is so smart and has such an even temperament; training has been a breeze. Not to mention how gorgeous she is. Whether trailering, ponying, trimming, or ground work, she picks it up effortlessly. No struggles and I'm all smiles at the end of a session. The first time she went in with cows, she sorted the entire herd on her own! I’m looking forward to a lifetime of fun with her. Thank you for my unexpected treasure.” ~ Deborah Trotta



"One of the reasons we chose to breed our mare to Buckwheat was that he consistently sires beautifully colored foals and that have his easy to work with personality and wonderful disposition. Our filly, Sheza Fancy Formula, is not only gorgeous, but truly one of the easiest to train babies we have had on our ranch, she just has such a willing can do attitude. Whether you're looking to breed for show or pleasure, you can't go wrong with a Buckwheat baby!" - The Vladic Family



“I have a filly by SBR Formula One that was born March 2012. From the very first day she was born she was easy to handle. Very kind and independent from mom, this was nice because mom kind of spoils her babies. I have pictures of her leading the herd back home from a trail ride where she was loose no halter or lead rope on her at all. Mom was more upset she was leaving her behind. There are also pictures in her first few days of children handling her and being in the stalls with her and the dam. Again no halters or lead ropes were needed on this filly. She always greeted you with respect and gentleness. This mares last filly was named pistol. That filly was the worst baby I have raised to date. This filly was the best filly so far. I truly like breeding for brains, conformation, beauty, and then color. She has a good mind, nice conformation, pretty head, and a beautiful dark dun stripe. I think we got it all! Thanks Jessica, Buckwheat and Sun Colors Ranch”. ~Kim Korobi


“In February of 2011 we had our first Buckwheat (SBR Formula One) Baby a beautiful Bay Dun Colt. He has proven time and time again the more he is challenged he will meet and exceed every one. As a weanling he was in the top five at Buckskin Congress for his first show and as a yearling he has been exceptional at showmanship patterns. He willingly crosses creeks, bridges, and walks over mattresses and tarps (the more the challenge the better). In the pasture he works his exercise ball around like a professional soccer player - his gates are fluid and he is quick on his feet! My neighbors and passing vehicles have stopped to watch him and are amazed at his athleticism! First time lunging he was a dream and willingly accepted saddling and bridling. He has an amazing personality and LOVES attention. He greets everyone who walks by at the fence line and is the first to come up from the pasture. We look forward to showing him again this year as a 2 year old and many years to come. Thank you Sun Colors Ranch!” ~ The Prins Family / Rockside Stables Holland, Michigan

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